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Falcon Overwatch seamlessly augments your internal security team.
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CrowdStrike Overwatch in Action

What is Falcon XDR?

CrowdStrike Falcon XDR is now available. It’s time to focus on what matters, namely actionable insights from previous security data, reducing the time of finding new threats.

Falcon XDR combined with Falcon Overwatch will extend threat detection, investigation, immediate response, and threat hunting capabilities across the security stack.

Do you have Bitcoin mining inside your environment?

No one likes being taken advantage of, but that is what some people are doing with Bitcoin mining. Yes, these Bitcoin miners try to earn Bitcoin by using your servers.

Mining is expensive because it requires servers and uses up a lot of CPU, GPU and electricity. Some unethical or malicious people think, “My return on investment is practically infinity if I do not have to pay for the mining hardware and usage.” With virtually an infinity of ROI, some are tempted to steal other people’s servers and get free mining.

Emerging cyber criminals are more notorious because they are not stealing your data, taking your data ransom, or trying to blackmail you into paying a fee. They are hoping to use the unused computing from your servers even if it is only for a short while. The longer they mine the greater the likelihood they will earn some Bitcoin.

And. They know that most organizations have little to no security teams, and stopping Bitcoin mining is not a typical security requirement. For many organizations, preventing a Bitcoin miner is not even on their radar or considered as external risk until they understand the dramatic effects of wasted CPU, GPU and electricity.

As mentioned, for fractions of what it costs to hire a security team (that may or may not know how to detect Bitcoin mining software), we can use a next-gen solution that runs light like a feather.

Moreover, traditional antivirus may not even catch these miners. We need to use next-generation technology. Next-gen antivirus and next-gen anti-malware comes to the rescue. These next-gen technologies look for unusual and suspicious activity. It knows that a typical business will not be mining Bitcoin. Once it detects that Bitcoin mining behavior (or any other unusual activity), it kills the process and notifies your stakeholders. It then uploads this detection into a large database where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can learn from several billions of detects from around the world to stop future attacks.

How can Overwatch help my security team and productivity?

Falcon Overwatch is CrowdStrike’s managed threat hunting service, built on the platform. Further provides deep and continuous human analysis 24×7 operation to relentlessly hunt for anomalous or novel attacker tradecraft that is designed to evade standard security technologies.

MSSP Overwatch Defend Bundle includes Overwatch and is comprised of an elite team of cross-disciplinary specialists who harness the massive power of the CrowdStrike Threat Graph, enriched with CrowdStrike threat intelligence, to continuously hunt, investigate and advise on sophisticated threat activity in customer environments.

CrowdStrike Overwatch team members will step in and prevent Bitcoin miners and immediately stop the activity on your web servers in a moments notice. Then, will alert Oxtrabot with incident response report.

Do you know whether you have Bitcoin mining software running on your servers? Want to leverage billions worth of AI/ML security knowledge to automatically stop threats on your computers, laptops and servers?

Don’t you think it’s time to gain a seamless extension of your team: As a core component of the Falcon platform, Overwatch delivers results for organizations of all sizes, operating as a seamless extension of your security team.

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