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Oxtrabot Systems will help your business analyze, prioritize and optimize security during the digital transformation journey. 

We specialize in the latest standards with cyber collaboration, robotic process automation, multi-cloud migration, high availability, encryption, data protection on demand, access and identity, offensive and defensive security with autonomous detection and response. 

Oxtrabot is truly dedicated to the client, no matter the size of your business. We value relationships, more importantly our success, together as one team. Let’s Talk!

Flat Fee Retainer

Creative Automation Strategies

Standard RPA Retainer

Fixed Monthly Price
  • Robotic Process Automation as a Service (RPAaaS)
  • Annual Contract of $2,159.88
  • RPA Workflow & Design

Advanced RPA Retainer

Fixed Monthly Price
  • Robotic Process Automation as a Service (RPAaaS)
  • Annual Contract of $3,239.88
  • RPA Workflow & Design

Retainer services

crowdstike overwatch

Trusted Managed Security
Service Provider

MSSP Red Team Services

CrowdStrike’s Red Team offers a full suite of services and incident simulations to test your ability to defend and respond to targeted attacks with endpoint security tools.


From gauging readiness to withstand an attack by the most advanced adversaries to working side-by-side with your response team to detect and react to a simulated attack.


Oxtrabot and CrowdStrike Red Team is dedicated to helping your organization to improve its security posture with increased Threat Detection. Managed IT Services Denver.

  • Aggregated Detections: Review your adversary and stop them across multiple clouds
  • Multi-Tenant User Management: Seamless on-boarding and provisioning of new team members
  • Simplified Policy Management: Setup granular policies to prevent Zero Day Ransomware
  • MSSP Falcon Defend: Deploys in minutes and immediately begins protecting your endpoints

Robotic Automation

Advanced Process Automation

Intelligent Automation is essential for predictable business outcomes and the correct balance inside your unique business. Oxtrabot will help connect your team with the most ideal automation experts for your team to exceed corporate goals and boost performance up to 30% with our robotic automation!

Robotic process automation (RPA) working smarter with Business Process Management (BPM) are the main ingredients for process growth potential. Moreover, these higher level of repetitive tasks within most call center environments supports the employee more efficiently, improving overall customer satisfaction.


Increase Employee Production Compliance with all contact center requirements including improved customer satisfaction and system reconciliation.

  • Creation of workflow managers from process models
  • Simplify tasks with Automation to reduce cost
  • Increase content workflows, trigger more events
  • Custom workflows tailored exactly to requirements
oxtrabot cybersecurity

Sophos Managed Detection and Response

Introducing Intercept X Endpoint

Introducing our partner from Abingdon, UK. Sophos has been protecting our industry since 1985, and well respected in the realm of Cybersecurity with various global intelligence teams.


Oxtrabot offers next generation Sophos Synchronized Security including: Intercept X Advanced, featuring EDR and XDR, XGS Firewall offering elite security services with Sophos Central Admin, shared intelligence between the endpoint and firewall every 15 seconds with Security Heartbeat. 


Sophos Managed Detection and Response Complete known as Sophos MDR. Including cybersecurity support with threat hunting, malware detection and response capabilities from our North America Security Operations Center including 24x7x365 monitoring and reporting.


Our security operations team handles incident response managers as required. 

  • Detects Zero-Day Threats Exploit, Malware Protection
  • Advanced Endpoint Security, Credential Theft Prevention
  • Remote Response and Powerful Querying Software
  • Featuring CryptoGuard Automatic File Recovery System

Email Protection

Introducing Cloudflare from Area 1 Security Horizon

Secure email is essential for business operations. Area 1 offers an award-winning solution, tracking over $1 Billion dollars in active email fraud! Area 1 proprietary machine learning stops attacks across all email threat vectors, usually 24 days in advance. Our solution offers intelligent anti-spam filtering, data leak prevention, encryption and archiving. Protecting against the most advanced socially engineered phishing techniques, infectious spam, email attack vectors and email business compromise.

  • Malware & Business Email Compromise Protection
  • Lightning fast installation around 25 minutes
  • Phishing Protection with Horizon PhishGuard
  • Office 365 Security namely Email Attack Vectors
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