Risk & Data Vulnerability

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Offensive Penetration Testing

Security is everything with business applications our software solutions check for malware, vulnerabilities, and evaluate the risk in your IT systems and business processes.  Clients are encouraged to reference Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) which has become a strong tool for organizational risk analysis.

Process Analysis

Identify security deficiencies through analysis of data and it’s requirements.

Impact Assessment

Estimating the degree of impact to the associated data from security vulnerabilities.

Likelihood Assessment

Estimation reporting of a particular threat or exploit from occurring in environment.

Final Evaluation

Working with the client to review possible vulnerabilities of their custom environment.

Oxtrabot Recommends

  • Sophos Endpoint Solution: Oxtrabot wants to offer next generation security products including Intercept X Endpoint Product from Sophos. While managed endpoint security protection services namely, Artificial Intelligence Endpoint Detection and Response, Zero-Day Threat Prevention including Sophos Central monitoring Malware and Exploits namely Deep Learning Technology, Managed Threat Response and Active Adversary Mitigations. Important to mention and emphasis this particular solution will Detect Zero-Day Threats including Exploit, Malware, offering advanced Endpoint Security with Credential Theft Prevention and CryptoGuard Automatic File Recovery System, among many other benefits! Request a free assessment to learn more.
  • Important to note that each client environment is unique, as we need to learn more of the complexity of the current processes, tasks, precise values in order to provide the most effective assessments. Performing the security assessment will fall back on various tasks regarding: Compliance, Productivity, Analysis, Budget and Communication.e work with security partners directly, as the enterprise reseller, offering software solutions unique to our client and their requiremetns. We then provide the most current assessment to attempt and isloate further risk(s) from occuring.
serverless security

What is Serverless Security?

Are you looking to move to serverless technologies while having a more secure environment?


Oxtrabot Systems is a partner and strategic reseller in the AWS Partner Network and want to guide you through your serverless cloud journey. Further, the team will explain the biggest advantages of serverless and focus points to consider regarding serverless security assessments.

Cloud Security is beyond the requirement

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